Our Story

BluePrint was born out of the idea that healthy juices and cleanses should be made accessible to everyone. Cleansing needed to be liberated from the rigid dogma and new-age aesthetics of the raw food universe. Nutritious and delicious juices could be made practical and ready for any lifestyle. BluePrint did just that. It is the first brand to create a friendly and approachable line of juice cleanses that varies in levels of intensity and can fit into any diet, from the raw-food acolytes to the burger-and-red-wine fans.

How did the BluePrint story start? It began with a cold. In early 2000, Zoe Sakoutis, a certified nutritional consultant, started the new millennium with a bad cold. She asked a friend who happened to be a raw foodist for advice. Her friend suggested a seven-day juice cleanse that Zoe followed diligently. The cleanse worked miraculously, but the process itself was excruciating. Her experience got her hooked and opened her eyes to the benefits of juicing. There was one problem: if the juicing trend was going to catch on, there had to be an easier way to do it. Cleansing had to be simple, nutritious, and customizable to everyone’s needs and goals.

So Zoe teamed up with a friend and food-lover, Erica Huss, and started BluePrint. Together they combined their strengths and vision for the brand to develop a line of juices made from the finest raw and organic ingredients available. Today BluePrint is a great way for anyone to enjoy delicious and nutritious juice. Anyone can start a cleanse, whether it’s the first time or the a hundredth time. We can all feel better in the end.