Tips For Starting a Cleanse

Welcome to the world of wholesome, unadulterated juice. Exactly what we had in mind when designing our healthy, delicious, and easily transportable cleanses. BluePrint makes juice for the modern lifestyle. Following a cleanse is easier than you think. Read on for a few tips, tricks, and treats to make you feel like the master of your domain.
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Choose Your Cleanse

Select the juice combo and length of cleanse that suits your mood and schedule. Whether you’re a first-timer or a juicing-veteran, BluePrint makes cleansing delicious and convenient. Not sure where to start? We recommend our 3-Day Renovation for first-timers because it offers the most fruit based juices vs. green juices to start you off slow. Want more options? We’ll work with you to find the perfect fit.


Home Delivery
or Pick-Up?

You can choose to have your cleanse delivered to your door – anywhere in the United State or Canada, or pick it up yourself at select locations in NY, LA, and other major cities.

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Before You Start

It’s good to ease into a cleanse. Don’t overdo it on the foods that your body has a hard time processing, like: animal proteins (meat, eggs, and dairy), coffee, and sugar. You can and should load up on fresh veggies and fruit the days before you start your cleanse. You’ll thank us later.

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Get A Move On

Whether you’re fitting a cleanse in your busy schedule or clearing the week to bliss out at the spa, make sure you keep those bottles cold so they stay fresh! BluePrint coolers come in handy when there’s no fridge in sight.

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Cheat Sheet

While the goal of a cleanse is to abstain from solid food, we realize that sometimes the urge to chew can be overwhelming. So if you’re going to eat, make the right choices. Acceptable cheat items include: a few celery stalks or cucumbers slices, a quarter of an avocado, half a cup of black coffee, a pinch of sea salt in any drink, or some warm vegetable broth (low sodium).

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Extra Credit

To boost the benefits of cleansing, give your body a little TLC. Renew your skin with a dry brush exfoliation, sweat out toxins at the sauna or treat yourself to a tension-relieving massage.

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Work Hard. Play hard.

Cleanse. Repeat. Enjoy life.