The most fun way to embark on a cleanse is with friends. Round up a few pals to talk juice, hang out, share tips, and snap photos. Use the hashtag #cleansewithfriends on Twitter and Instagram to connect with each other and the wider BluePrintCleanse® community. Keep it social! And get discounts and perks while you're at it.

The bigger the cleanse party, the bigger the discount. Sign up with 3 or more friends and receive a 10% discount on cleanses. Wrangle a group of 8 or more, and receive 15% off your purchase!

For even larger parties, speak with our Corporate Accounts Manager at to set up your group cleanse.

Friends don't let friends drink alone.



Spa Package

Want to make the most of your BluePrintCleanse® experience? Make room on your calendar. Swap the happy hour for a pedicure. Treat yourself.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your 3-Day cleanse package (Renovation™, Foundation™, Excavation™)

2. Select 3 classes from exhale’s yoga and core fitness menu

3. Pick a spa treatment (60-min Fusion Massage, 60-min True Facial, or 30-min Acu-Organ Detox)

Packages include 3-Day BluePrintCleanse®, 3 transformational exhale classes, 1 Mind-Body Upgrade spa treatment. Packages are $295.

For descriptions for Exhale’s therapies and classes, please visit

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