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Cultivating prosperity through collective wisdom. 

Blueprint understands the power of sharing communal wins and lessons to help founders during every stage of their business. Capital and resources are the first step, but you are critical to their success. Your share of knowledge, guidance, and extended resources are symbiotic, working for you to receive just as much as you give.

Help us shift the narrative and shape a new era of collective fellowship, mentorship and kinship in the Black founder’s journey.

Our mission is to fuel Black prosperity and joy. 

Blueprint For The Culture (Blueprint FTC) supports Black founders, Black-led ventures and entrepreneurs of color through the activation of capital, resources and culture. As investors and founders, we have helped nurture and build some of the world’s most recognizable and iconic brands, setting the stage for cultural and paradigm shifts. 

We know there is not one blueprint for success. We are equipping our founders with the tools to reimagine markets and systems, to collectively build better companies, communities – and most importantly how to effectively lead and impact the world.

Recognize that you are the blueprint. 

The well-being of founders matter just as much as bottom lines because venture development is a journey of the whole self. To maximize the impact and success of our community, we prioritize the vibrant exchange of inputs, resources and guidance from founders, investors and community-rooted partners. Through collaboration we will strengthen and reconnect to the core of who you are, who your team is and who your venture is in these dynamic times. 

As engineers, designers, investors and artists, we believe the future is being built by Black-led businesses. A future that is transformative for all communities. Come reinvent and redefine with us and on your own terms.

Setting the table for Black prosperity.

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